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AUDI TDI Tuning & ECU Remapping For 2012 

If you require increased torque, more power, better economy and MPG, or a mix of them all for your AUDI TDI Remap then Remaps UK has the answer to your AUDI TDI remapping needs. Remapping your AUDI TDI s ECU to achieve better performance and increased economy, the future of remapping is with Remaps UK.


If it wasn’t already clear, here at Remaps UK we love our AUDI TDI’s, of course we love all the cars we remap engine tune, but we have a certain soft spot for the ‘exquisite’ and highly engineered vehicles and AUDI, along with many others, certainly falls into this category.

From The Audi 2.0 Tdi, Audi RS3 Remap, Audi RS4 Remap up to the Audi R8, we certainly love the new look of the new Audi range.

With the perfect blend of balance and compliant road handling,  AUDI must be considered as one of the most accomplished Luxury German cars on the road and we here at Remaps UK totally agree, especially when it has been bespoke tuned with a custom specification dyno developed remap here at Remaps UK.


Bespoke Custom Level AUDI TDi remap and Audi Tuning

Each AUDI TDI Remap or Audi Petrol remap that we carry our our engine tuning upgrade on (or AUDI TDI remap Modification) that is carried out by Remaps UK, each map and vehicle is treated and dealt with individually.  Each and every remap is bespoke tuned in this method; no two AUDI TDI Engine tuning (Or Audi Petrol Engine remap) upgrades or AUDI TDI remap ‘s are the same and this is how we have always carried out any upgrade on any vehicle that we remap!

audi tdi remap
Our Project A3 2.0 TDi 140 – running 196bhp!

For sure it takes a lot more time and effort on our side to individually remap engine tune and install a new AUDI TDI remap upgrade and bespoke tune each AUDI TDI  car, but this is the only way we will do it, have done it and the only way it should be done!


This sets us apart from many other remap engine tuners out there….

we do the development on our own AUDI TDI Remap project cars, not yours!’


This Method of AUDI TDI Tuning, in this style and using our own bespoke method,

based on our own expertise gained in the remap tuning industry

•     Allows for differences in engine tolerances
•    Allows us to factor in bespoke requirements from the customer tailoring the map to the exact customer needs,
•    Allowing us to create a one of a kind unique engine map for your car the way you want it
•    Majority Of AUDI TDI remap ‘s can be Tuned through the OBD or On Board Diagnostic port


this is after all the whole reason to have your vehicle remapped, unique one of a kind AUDI TDI remapping and not a generic file in sight anywhere!


•     All our remaps stay within the manufacturers specified limits and stress tolerances
•    All manufacturers safety settings remain the same
•    Full Custom remaps, fine tuning all the ECU’s settings, NOT just boost!
•    All remap software validated back onto the ECU to match original Code
•    All immobilizer and personal updates copied back to the ECU
•    The latest Factory updates and engine calibration installed where possible


 Audi Tdi Remap Tuning, Individually Custom Written, The way it should be…

This is the way we treat all the vehicles tuned by Remaps UK, all with the same attention to detail and commitment, delivering the highest quality remap engine tune available, without  cutting any corners, AUDI TDI tuning is at the heart of Remaps UK. More info on Audi TDi Remap Tuning here


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We remap engine tune all Audi TDi and Audi Petrol, here is a short list of some of the vehicles we cover, with links to some of the projects we have carried out

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AUDI A4 3.0 Tdi Quattro remap to full custom level, bespoke engine remap tuning for AUDI TDI , AUDI 1.6 TDi Remap, AUDI 3.0 TDi Remap. Fully tested and developed on our own in house Dyno – This sets us apart from the competition and gives you all the confidence you need to trust Remaps UK to deliver the highest quality Remap engine tune modification available in the remap industry!

The Audi TDi Remap by Remaps UK