Different levels of Custom Tuning by Remaps UK


All Remaps are not Equal


It would be quite easy for anyone to assume that all remap engine tuning files are the same. True, the majority are written in the same code, use the same protocol sets and change the same vehicle engine attributes. But to say that they are all the same would be like saying all famous artists are the same , based on the fact that they all own a set of oil paints.


The truth of the matter is, they aren’t. Engine tuning remap files and ECU remapping files are a product of creative physics, science and a firm grasp and understanding of engine mechanics and the combustion engine, coupled with industry experience and hours and hours of development and testing!

All of which takes lots of time.

All Good things come to those who Race

Over the past few years we have seen many changes to the industry, but we still feel that custom bespoke tuning is still the only way to carry out a remap on any given vehicle. For sure this process of engine remapping takes longer but the end results are far superior to that of a generic, tuning box or any given untested custom written remap file.

All our remaps are fully tested and developed before they are put out into the field for consumer consumption, whether we are testing on the dyno, investing in out own test vehicles or testing on the track we ensure that all the testing is done by us and not you.

With an infinite amount of combinations of remap engine tune available to us due to the fact that we individually custom write all our maps, we can deliver any level of remap file you require.

Some of our remap files but not limited to are listed below, click on each to read more.


The Economy┬áRemap Tune – Level 1 – Optimised for fuel economy


The ‘Blend’ Mixed ┬áRemap Tune – Level 2 – Combined performance and efficiency offering the best of both worlds


Performance Remap Tune – Level 3 – Performance spec, increased BHP/Torque and a little more MPG!


The R-Spec Remaps Tune – Fast road to race developed Remap Tune – With only performance in mind, Remaps UK Premium Full Power Remaps