The year ahead for ECU Engine Tuning with Remaps UK 2013

Engine tuning and Remapping for 2013

The Technology packed New MK7 Golf

Some great things happened in 2012 with ECU and remap development, new lines of Bosch and Siemens ECU made for and interesting if challenging year developing new techniques and methods for unlocking and tuning the next generation of ECU’s. Vehicles including the new Audi 1.6 tdi engine, which is found across the Volkswagen audi group, including Seat, Skoda and VW!

New Cars require new Remapping techniques

New remap protocol sets for the Bosch ECU’s in the Kia range, including the new Sportage 1.7, the new BMW 3 series range and the new Mercedes Benz ECU range.

And it’s much of the same for 2013, with the launch of the new VW golf MK7 with its new 2.0 tdi 150 ps engine we are already looking into new mapping and engine tuning for this new line of diesel technology. With unlock already in place for Mercedes A (W169) A160 1500 16v Blue Efficiency & the Mercedes B (W245) B160 1500 16v Blue Efficiency we have already hit the ground running for what promises to be yet another great year for Remaps UK.

Thanks again from Remaps UK

So there you have it, a quick recap and update on some of the exciting things to come in the remapping world for 2013, remapping has certainly moved on over the past  few years and is certainly set to stay that way as technology develops and new ECU’s are born, all we can say is that all of us here at Remaps UK we are loving every minute of it!

Here’s to another great year and to meeting a lot more happy remap customers for 2013.

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