Performance Remap Engine tuning

Performance Engine Tuning

Performance spec, increased BHP and a little more MPG

Our performance line of custom mapping is at the cutting edge and has been developed for the driver who wants the most from their vehicle and unlock their vehicles true potential.  As with all our remaps we haven’t forgotten about economy, so you will always get an improvement there, how much is down to how hard you drive the car, but most customers see an improvement, even with our performance line of remapping.

Performance Remapping at its Best

Within every map that we develop here at Remap[s UK we stay well within the manufacturer’s specified limits of tolerance and stress levels, maintaining your vehicles reliability; we never use aggressive tuning techniques which are often used in the industry used to give the impression of more power!

With All Performance Line remaps you should expect the following

  • Sharper throttle response
  • Increased mid range and top end torque
  • Designed, Tested and developed remap files
  • Removal of vehicle flat spots throughout the rev range
  • Increased efficiency and reduced CO2 (Vehicle dependant)

All Remaps UK Remap engine tuning files are created in house, dyno developed by us and bespoke to your car and only your car. We will always save all your original setting and data and maintain your vehicles security features including immobiliser and key codes, ensuring your vehicle is fully restored after the remap engine upgrade has been carried out. This also allows us to return your vehicle back to original stock settings should you require this in the future.  It is this attention to detail that put Remaps UK at the forefront of engine tuning technology.

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