New VW Golf GT 2.0 TDi gets latest VW Remap with increased performance and economy!

VW RemapThe VW Remap for the Golf 2.0 TDi

The latest VW Remap for the New Golf GT 2.0 TDi gets an ECU tune up by the UK’s leading remap specialists Remaps UK Ltd in Cheshire The Initial performance figures after the Remaps UK VW Remap showed an increase of 48 BHP and a Torque Increase of 87Nm! Overall fuel economy was also up on average 6mpg.

Company owner Andy said ’we are very pleased with our latest VW remap’ and added ’the results for the new VW Golf GT 2.0 TDi  are beyond even our expectations….the power delivery is far better than the original stock map , with a much smoother delivery of power with the removal of all flat spots throughout the rev range’.

The VW Remap Development

With extensive rolling road development and research into the new VW remap engine tuning options, Remaps UK have come up with what they consider to be the strongest, most tested and developed VW Remap options available to the market to date.

He also stated that ’this remap file has been in development for quite some time’,and added  ‘we consider this style of remapping to be the best bang for buck mod out there in the tuning market, period!’

For the latest VW Remap and VW Golf remaps option…

The VW remap development is constantly changing and being updated allowing us to improve the various remap options we have available for the VW Audi range of vehicles, making many options available to the end customer, so it is always best to give us a call to check what VW remap options we have available and what new breakthroughs have been made,

For more details on the VW Remap and more visit the Remaps UK website on ,  or click here to make an enquiry!

Call us now on 0845 269 4064 and ask about the latest VW remap options!

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