The Blend Remap – A Mix of power and Economy

The Blend Remap Tune – Level 2 – Combined Performance & efficiency

The mix or Blend Remap is just that, A map that gives you the best of both worlds in one remap engine tune, A blend remap of better economy and more power. Some say this sounds too good to be true?  It really isn’t, and the science is really quite simple.

Developing the Blend Remap File

The Blend remap has come from an extensive development program of fine tuning and rolling road developed remap files we custom write this Blend Remap file to provide sharper throttle response, with more mid-range torque and a streamlined improvement of BHP throughout the rev range, thus allowing the vehicle to achieve the same speeds as standard but with reduced throttle input. In short less right foot equals less fuel used.

On the flip side you have increase power and throttle response should you want to drive in a more spirited fashion or just thing that the vehicles overall performance could do with a lift. If this is the case then the Blend Remap may be the one to go for!

A great mixed all-rounder providing the customer with

  • Improved throttle response
  • Increased efficiency
  • More power and torque
  • Reduced flat spots
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Better MPG and reduced CO2 (on certain Vehicles)

All Remaps UK Remap engine tuning files are created in house, dyno developed by us and bespoke to your car and only your car. We will always save all your original setting and data and maintain your vehicles security features including immobiliser and key codes, ensuring your vehicle is fully restored after the remap engine upgrade has been carried out. This also allows us to return your vehicle back to original stock settings should you require this in the future.  It is this attention to detail that put Remaps UK at the forefront of engine tuning technology.

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