Remaps UK Project Begins Along came the BMW E92 335d!

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BMW 335d Remap Begins

BMW 335d Remap
Delivered in the snow. This is going to be fun!

We’ve all been waiting with bated breath here at Remaps UK for the new BMW E92 335d remap Project car to arrive….
and we’re all glad to say its finally here!!

The New BMW 335d E92 arrived on a snow bound day, in sparkling graphite metallic, black leather, sat on 19″ rims, Xenons and all the toys on board, this vehicle certainly looked the part. Quality felt up there with all the other BMW’s we have had and the sound from the BMW 335d Diesel engine sounded remarkably un-diesel like!

BMW 335d Remap Project day one…It’s Snowing!

First test drive proved somewhat interesting, as over night we had had a blanket of snow covering half of the UK, so with a tentative right foot, we set out in the BMW 335d on our first road test, this proved to be quite fun.

I’m sure all fellow BMW drivers reading this will associate with my next comment regarding BMW’s in the snow….useless! great fun, but trying to get any kind of traction in the snow on run flat tyres coupled with an auto gearbox is just futile!

We eventually found a thawed out and gritted stretch of road where we could give the BMW 335d a quick squirt and see how she delivered the standard 286bhp of power. First thing we noticed in relation to the previous BMW 330d remap project we did was the reduced lag at the bottom end, although not unexpected due to the BMW 335d hosting twin turbo’s, one big and one small, this was very refreshing and improved the drive ability considerably.

Provisional tests looked good so far, and we’re already impressed with the stock performance, as we enjoy the waves of torque developed seamlessly from the BMW 3.0 litre 6 cylinder twin turbo engine, very clean and smooth performance, good throttle response, but did sense some lag here and there, some of which comes from the automatic gearbox, some which felt flat through the rev range.

Again, this is what we expect from stock settings from any vehicle, if anything BMW are one of the better manufactures. I must admit to being a little excited after the test drive, knowing what we did with the BMW 330d remap project, the BMW 335d Remap project was going to be something to remember!

The BMW 335d Remap Project looks Interesting!

This is going to be one project car we will remember for a long time!

Watch this space for the first BMW 335d remap test results posted soon!!

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Thanks for reading and watch this space for the next remap engine tuning project by Remaps UK.

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Remaps UK BMW 335d Remap Project

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