A Remaps UK First to Market with EDC17 MED 17 on the new BMW range!

Bosch EDC17Anti Tuning with the Bosch EDC17 ECU – Remaps UK First again!

After extensive research and painstaking development, Remaps UK hit another industry first with the release of a new remap tuning option for the next breed of BMW’s with locked ECU’s and microprocessors.

No need to remove the ECU with EDC17!

The new ECU’s using Bosch EDC17 / MED 17, of which up until recently wasn’t possible via the OBD II port.

This new break through has now made it possible to remap the vehicle without the need to  remove the ECU with the majority of pre 2009 EDC17 vehicles!!

Bosch EDC17 Tri Core Anti Tuning with BMW, Audi & Mercedes

This particularly effects BMW,  Mercedes, Audi and VW group of vehicles. There are still however a few that cannot be done through the port and will have to be directly written too, but we’re sure you’ll agree this is a major step forward in ECU /EDC17 technology and custom tuning!

We should be rolling this new method of remapping out mid to late December.

Good work Remaps UK !!!

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Bosch EDC17 Anti tuning – for BMW AUDI VAG Group Mercedes

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