A day of Mini Mayhem with Remaps UK…

The New Mini Remap

Had a great day remapping three new Minis in the north west using the performance and economy blend style of remap.

One of the new diesel 1.6d Mini Cooper’sMini 1.6d cooper was first on the list and located in Chester, after hooking up to the 1.6d Mini Cooper  and waving the Remaps UK wand we gave the Mini an extra 38 bhp, taking it to a whopping 150bhp!! Reports back of 6mpg improvement on efficiency already, with a totally different performance now with the new remap installed, loads more mid range torque and sharper acceleration and throttle response, superb results on this little pocket rocket . Then we had two family owned New Mini Cooper  S’s in Red and black located over in Cheadle, South Manchester, two  very nice cars, again both remapped on the performance and economy blend remap option  and both achieved an extra 18-20 bhp, really good response with the newly developed remaps, customers reporting increased performance, the removal of all flat spots and a nice clean pull through the gears all the way through to the red line, super sharp throttle response and both cars feeling very alive and assertive, very impressive results , for three very quick super minis, keep your eyes peeled for these little scamps in the North West!!

Thanks and nice to meet you all from the Remaps UK Team