Performance Remap Engine tuning

Performance Engine Tuning

Performance spec, increased BHP and a little more MPG

Our performance line of custom mapping is at the cutting edge and has been developed for the driver who wants the most from their vehicle and unlock their vehicles true potential.  As with all our remaps we haven’t forgotten about economy, so you will always get an improvement there, how much is down to how hard you drive the car, but most customers see an improvement, even with our performance line of remapping.

Performance Remapping at its Best

Within every map that we develop here at Remap[s UK we stay well within the manufacturer’s specified limits of tolerance and stress levels, maintaining your vehicles reliability; we never use aggressive tuning techniques which are often used in the industry used to give the impression of more power!

With All Performance Line remaps you should expect the following

  • Sharper throttle response
  • Increased mid range and top end torque
  • Designed, Tested and developed remap files
  • Removal of vehicle flat spots throughout the rev range
  • Increased efficiency and reduced CO2 (Vehicle dependant)

All Remaps UK Remap engine tuning files are created in house, dyno developed by us and bespoke to your car and only your car. We will always save all your original setting and data and maintain your vehicles security features including immobiliser and key codes, ensuring your vehicle is fully restored after the remap engine upgrade has been carried out. This also allows us to return your vehicle back to original stock settings should you require this in the future.  It is this attention to detail that put Remaps UK at the forefront of engine tuning technology.

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The Blend Remap – A Mix of power and Economy

The Blend Remap Tune – Level 2 – Combined Performance & efficiency

The mix or Blend Remap is just that, A map that gives you the best of both worlds in one remap engine tune, A blend remap of better economy and more power. Some say this sounds too good to be true?  It really isn’t, and the science is really quite simple.

Developing the Blend Remap File

The Blend remap has come from an extensive development program of fine tuning and rolling road developed remap files we custom write this Blend Remap file to provide sharper throttle response, with more mid-range torque and a streamlined improvement of BHP throughout the rev range, thus allowing the vehicle to achieve the same speeds as standard but with reduced throttle input. In short less right foot equals less fuel used.

On the flip side you have increase power and throttle response should you want to drive in a more spirited fashion or just thing that the vehicles overall performance could do with a lift. If this is the case then the Blend Remap may be the one to go for!

A great mixed all-rounder providing the customer with

  • Improved throttle response
  • Increased efficiency
  • More power and torque
  • Reduced flat spots
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Better MPG and reduced CO2 (on certain Vehicles)

All Remaps UK Remap engine tuning files are created in house, dyno developed by us and bespoke to your car and only your car. We will always save all your original setting and data and maintain your vehicles security features including immobiliser and key codes, ensuring your vehicle is fully restored after the remap engine upgrade has been carried out. This also allows us to return your vehicle back to original stock settings should you require this in the future.  It is this attention to detail that put Remaps UK at the forefront of engine tuning technology.

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The Economy Remap

The Economy Remap Tune – Level 1 – Optimised for fuel economy

This entry level of map has been optimised for economy and covers most TDi diesel engines from 1999 onwards. You should expect a slight increase in power and torque with improved throttle response and up to 20% increase in efficiency.

Eco-R Spec™ remap is custom written and bespoke to Remaps UK, with extensive testing and development our Eco-R Spec™ will provide great fuel saving and vehicle C02 reduction. No other car tuning and remap software company can offer you fuel economy tuning like this.

Economy Remapping with Remaps UK

The economy tuning remap file by Remaps UK has been developed in house on a rolling road and in a Euro 5 emission certified research and development centre, guaranteeing you the best level of tuning available in the UK.

Increase your mpg and save money at the fuel pumps with the new Remaps UK’s economy tuning services now.

  • Up to 20% increase in economy
  • Improved throttle response
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Better MPG and reduced CO2 (on certain Vehicles)
  • Increased Drivability

Developed Economy Remapping

All Remaps UK Remap engine tuning files are created in house, dyno developed by us and bespoke to your car and only your car. We will always save all your original setting and data and maintain your vehicles security features including immobiliser and key codes, ensuring your vehicle is fully restored after the remap engine upgrade has been carried out. This also allows us to return your vehicle back to original stock settings should you require this in the future.  It is this attention to detail that put Remaps UK at the forefront of engine tuning technology.

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The year ahead for ECU Engine Tuning with Remaps UK 2013

Engine tuning and Remapping for 2013

The Technology packed New MK7 Golf

Some great things happened in 2012 with ECU and remap development, new lines of Bosch and Siemens ECU made for and interesting if challenging year developing new techniques and methods for unlocking and tuning the next generation of ECU’s. Vehicles including the new Audi 1.6 tdi engine, which is found across the Volkswagen audi group, including Seat, Skoda and VW!

New Cars require new Remapping techniques

New remap protocol sets for the Bosch ECU’s in the Kia range, including the new Sportage 1.7, the new BMW 3 series range and the new Mercedes Benz ECU range.

And it’s much of the same for 2013, with the launch of the new VW golf MK7 with its new 2.0 tdi 150 ps engine we are already looking into new mapping and engine tuning for this new line of diesel technology. With unlock already in place for Mercedes A (W169) A160 1500 16v Blue Efficiency & the Mercedes B (W245) B160 1500 16v Blue Efficiency we have already hit the ground running for what promises to be yet another great year for Remaps UK.

Thanks again from Remaps UK

So there you have it, a quick recap and update on some of the exciting things to come in the remapping world for 2013, remapping has certainly moved on over the past  few years and is certainly set to stay that way as technology develops and new ECU’s are born, all we can say is that all of us here at Remaps UK we are loving every minute of it!

Here’s to another great year and to meeting a lot more happy remap customers for 2013.

All the best



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Remaps UK

The final word on the BMW 335d remap before she goes – Remaps UK.

By Andy Percival

The BMW 335d Remap Project

The truth is after the BMW 335d remap project finishes, we haven’t got a clue where to go now, what’s next or how to better a fully performance Custom tuned remapped BMW 335d!

This has been said many times in the office, a remapped engine tuned BMW 335d remap, is a all things to all men, It’s luxurious, sleek, super quick, economical and a hell of a lot of fun and most surprising of all its a diesel!!

So what do we choose as our next project car? Where do we go from what we consider here at Remaps UK to be the apex tunable diesel currently available in the market, that is the BMW 335d?

If all this is sounding a bit confusing and isn’t making to much sense, then allow us take you back a few months, back to the beginning where it all began…..

A few months ago we decided to finally put our BMW 335d through a full top down engine tune and top of the range live custom remap upgrade, it is worth pointing out that no physical components were changed what so ever in this project, just software modification (ECU mapping and recalibration) in order to achieve the results. This would put the Remaps UK’s  BMW 335d remap to the test and hopefully answer some of the long talked about and unanswered questions. Questions like how much bhp can realistically and safely be unlocked by engine tuning and remapping whilst maintaining good economy and German reliability? How many torques could we unlock? Would it break the dyno? All these questions would need to be answered before we could move on in our lives and move away from the sleepless nights of worrying about all the answers!

Thankfully the answer wasn’t 42 either!

BMW 335d Remap
Strapped down like a Raging Bull!

The first figures that we took from the remap project BMW 335d were the stock ones, in stock form the Remaps UK BMW 335d was an impressive 294 bhp, which was 8 bhp up on the standard BMW 335d figures of 286 bhp, so a thumbs up from BMW there ( to be honest this didn’t shock us as we see this all the time with BMW).

We did a total of 9 runs on the dyno before we decided that, 1, the dyno had had enough, 2, the tyres had also had enough and 3,  we wanted to test the results, in a safe and scientific manner of course!

Each run brought us new data and highlighted new areas we could work on in order to achieve the ultimate remap tuning file and produce a blueprint for the BMW 335d remap.

The finished results were nothing short of staggering, it’s important at this point to highlight a few things, we have no doubt there was a hell of a lot more to give from our newly remapped BMW 335d, but felt that the end result was just enough and would still remain safe and reliable for every day use and for years to come (we will never over tune a vehicle in order to quote high figures to get peoples custom! Remaps UK is  all about quality and power delivery).

Ok, so what figures did we get?

Join us next week.

just kidding, I’ll cut to the chase.

The Final Run For the BMW 335d Remap

On the final run the dyno recorded a max engine power a figure for the remapped BMW 335d of 366.5 (flywheel) bhp and max torque figure 734 nm (541.9ft/lb) !! A stock bhp is 286 and 580 nm!

bmw 335d remap graph
Nice smooth curves!! @ the Wheel Readings in Green

To put all this into perspective, and we feel it does need to be, take for example a Ferrari f430, this develops somewhere in the order of  465 nm of torque, or a McLaren F1, 649nm, maybe a  Lamborghini Murcielago , which has 660 nm worth of torques under its bonnet. In fact the only realistically priced and semi attainable vehicle we found that came close was the Dodge Viper SRT-10, which has 759 nm of torque, which subsequently  needs an 8.4 litre V10 engine to produce it! Now our little BMW 335d 3.0 l straight 6 pot diesel sounds pretty impressive don’t you think?

bmw 335d remap graph
Max Eng is @ flywheel reading, same as the manufacturer figures, Lower figure is at wheels

What we have done here at Remaps UK is create a monster, there is no other way to put it, put this thing along side anything short of a super-car and it will honestly without hesitation annihilate it, the performance is biblical, it’s mind bogglingly quick, and to top it all it’s a diesel!  We always knew a detailed and developed  BMW 335d remap was something special, but nothing prepares you for the performance of a remap tuned 335d, especially if it’s a Remaps UK one!

The pull through the gears from standing start is phenomenal  as the waves of torque push you firmly into the seat, third and forth gears are unbelievable, with the now removed speed limiter this thing is capable of 185 mph! Yet drive the car sensibly, which we know is very very hard, and it behaves perfectly, super smooth power delivery  and increased throttle response make it feel like a petrol car,  but with better mpg!

‘As with any BMW, the way the 335d delivers is power and speed is very deceptive, we gasped down at the speedo in shock at how quick things got in our Remapped BMW 335d!’

Which brings us onto this next section of the project.

Economy on the BMW 335d Remap Project?

We filled up the tank on the 335d and recorded a range of 585 miles, and averaged an mpg figure of 38.9. Yes you heard right, 38.9 mpg. All this out of a 370 bhp remap tuned 335d engine! We honestly believe there is not another car in the world that can do this, that performance with that efficiency!

So ,now you see our dilemma, where do we go from here, what else is out there that comes anywhere near to the 335d as an all-rounder.

The short answer is nothing.

Nothing comes even close. BMW have created a fantastic engine with the sleek lines of the E92 coupé to match, and bullet proof German engineering. Remaps UK have taken this image and created a truly unique, one of a kind BMW 335d masterpiece, of which we have grown very very fond of.

This project will be thought of and talked about for many many years to come, I’m sure.

We gonna miss our awesome remap tuned BMW 335d!

bmw 335d remap

Thanks for reading and watch this space for the next remap engine tuning project by Remaps UK.

Previous BMW 335d Projects & here

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The Mighty Range Rover Remap – Custom level Tuning for Sport Vogue HSE

Submitted by Andy Percival – Remaps UK

Range Rover Remap Tuning at Remaps UK

Here at Remaps UK we always love to get our hands on some nice bits of metal,Range rover remap TDv8

and the new Ranger Rover and Range Rover Sport

never fails to excite!

Whether it’s the Range Rover Sport 3.6 TDV8, Range Rover 3.0 TD6 or the Range Rover 2.7 TDV6, they are all amazing tunable gems!

In January we got to write some bespoke custom level remap engine tunes for all of the above! With both having excellent results!

The Range Rover Remap 3.6 TDV8, Range Rover 3.0 TD6 &  2.7 TDV6

The Range Rover remap on the Sport 2.7 TDV6 returned a final BHP figure of 216 bhp with our custom live performance remap option, and all this came from it’s original stock setting of 188 bhp!! We are already getting customer feedback reports back of fantastic performance increases, removing the all to common flat spot on take of found in the majority of the Range Rover line up, improved efficiency and mpg figures from our customers, who are amazed at the new founded unlocked potential of there beloved Range Rover Sports and Range rover Vogue’s!

The Range Rover remap for the 3.6 TDV8 (range rover sport remap also available), we got to perform our custom bespoke remap upgrade on was over in Chester. This vehicle also got the Remaps UK magic wand waved firmly over it. Once complete the results showed staggering bhp figures of 348bhp, which were easily achieved from this awesome TDV8 engine!  The mid range pull through the gears was truly amazing, allowing the newly remapped Range Rover Sport TDV8 to accelerate cleanly with a vastly improved, clean throttle response, eliminating the often commonly experienced lag low down on take off and an overall feeling of liveliness and brighter power throughout the rev range, this remap is truly a fantastic transformation of an incredible engine.

Initial mpg figures on the TDv8 (when driven sensibly of course! yes we know that’s hard 🙂 showed an increase of 2-3mpg!

Two great guys and two equally great Range Rover remap s, made us feel like footballers too!!

Thanks from us all here at Remaps UK!

Remember we map ALL Range Rover remap and Range Rover sport remap, all custom written to your desired specification, from economy to performance and fast road. Full tried and tested mapping, Dyno Rolling road developed to the highest standard, choose Remaps UK for the best remap on your Range Rover.

All the new Range Rover Remap settings and figures are fully developed and tested by us in house on our dyno and remain well within the manufacturers specified limits and tolerances of safety, efficiency and reliability. We will NEVER over tune your vehicle or quote high figures in order to win your business. Remaps UK is about improving on where the manufacturer finished, making your vehicle better to drive.

Straight, safe, honest Custom level remapping brought to you by Remaps UK

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Make sure you read our article on the hidden dangers of remapping before you buy!

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Range Rover Remap Lists

We remap engine tune all,  Remap Range Rover TDv8 Remap, Range Rover TDv6 Remap, Range Rover 3.0  TDi Remap, Range Rover 2.7 TDi remap, remap 3.6 TDv8, Range Rover remap,  Range Rover  , Range Rover 3.0 TDv remap to full custom level, bespoke engine remap tuning for Range Rover , Range Rover TD Remap, Range Rover 3.0 TDi Remap.

Fully tested and developed on our own in house Dyno – This sets us apart from the competition and gives you all the confidence you need to trust Remaps UK to deliver the highest quality Remap engine tune modification available in the remap industry!

Custom Spec Bespoke Range Rover Remap s

Remaps UK Range Rover Remap List

ECO-tech Remap


Range Rover



Fuel Type




Avg Fuel Saving %

BHP Increase

Nm Increase




Range Rover 2.7 SPORT TDV6 Remap








Range Rover SPORT 3.0 TDV6 Remap








Range Rover SPORT 3.0 SDV6 Remap








Range Rover 3.0 TD6 Remap








Range Rover 3.0 SDV6 Remap








Range Rover 3.6 TDV8 Remap








Range Rover 4.4 TDV8 Remap








Range Rover 4.2 V8 Remap Supercharged



Not Available

Not Available

Not Available



Range Rover 4.4 V8 Remap



Not Available

Not Available

Not Available



Range Rover 4.4 V8 Remap



Not Available

Not Available

Not Available



Range Rover 5.0 V8 Remap Supercharged



Not Available

Not Available

Not Available



Range Rover

EVOQUE 2.2 TD4 Remap








Range Rover

EVOQUE 2.2 SD4 Remap








The above list is not definitive please contact us direct for more Range Rover remap details and options

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Remap Problems – The Hidden Truths Behind the Remap Engine Tuning Industry

Remap Problems, cause and effect ?

Remap problems press release.

In an already overly saturated market place the Remap Engine Tuning industry has already seen its fair share of winners and losers, from catastrophic engine failure to minor niggles, all are most unwelcome in the Remap Engine Tuning Arena.

With so many companies out there it is Very difficult to know where to even start, never mind who you choose to trust to remap your £50,000 new motor car.

With many new companies popping up almost over night, it can be a real mine field out there.

Get it wrong and it could leave you sat on the hard shoulder in a cloud of black smoke with your head in your hands wondering what happened and where you went wrong. Remap Problems

One company out there is claiming it wants to try and change all this and try to reinstall some confidence back into what is a great industry, the company is called Remaps UK.

Based in Cheshire Remaps UK is a custom remap engine tuning company based in the North west of England, providing a mobile engine tuning service across the UK . They consider themselves the experts when it comes to economy and custom written performance remap engine tuning. From economy to race Remaps UK can custom write ant spec of file you require!

‘Remap Problems – Remapping isn’t easy, it’s a specialist skill’.

Company owner and technical director, Andy who has been involved in the tuning, programming and automotive industry for the last 20 years was asked about his experiences from within the remap tuning industry and about his experiences with remap problems, he said “I have lost count of how many calls I get a month from customers who have picked price over product and found themselves with a car that won’t start or even worse a blown engine…” he went on to say “ This really is a highly skilled industry with far to many individuals setting up shop, buying the kit from a particular ‘online’ auction site with a disk full of various generic remap files, building a website and buying a ‘Pay & Go’ mobile phone and now consider themselves a Remap Engine Tuning Expert…and the thing is, they are getting away with it. Walking away with your money, leaving the unlucky ones out of pocket with a broken car sat on the drive and a bunch of remap problems and vehicle issues to sort out…it really isn’t on!”

Pushed further about the remap engine tuning industry and remap problems Andy revealed some shocking stories of customers who have contacted Remaps UK with there remap problems and experiences. Andy also spoke about customers Remaps UK have worked with to help get back on the road, he said “ we had one particular customer, really nice gentleman who called Remaps UK for a performance remap engine tuning quote, he stated he had found a cheaper company who would do the work for him, after explaining how we do things here at Remaps UK, explaining all our remap files are live and custom written on the day and are not a generic file, that we also have a £2 million Royal Sun Alliance backed warranty and that all our files are created by us, developed by Remaps UK here in the UK, he still chose to use the Alternative cheaper company” he continued “ a week later the same customer contacted us here at Remaps UK stating that the remap engine tune that was done by the other company wasn’t a total success, in fact the whole ordeal was a complete failure, resulting in the vehicle not starting at all!” he added “the said remap company, allegedly remap tuned the car, which was in fact an 2008 Audi A6 2.0 TDi 140 bhp, then told the customer it needed to reboot and would take 30 minutes to complete, took the customers money and left the premises…the customer tried the vehicle, which then failed to start, tried to contact the said company and found the number was out of service and within hours the website shut down and gone!”

Andy at Remaps UK went on to explain, stating “ The customer was understandably in some distress about the whole ordeal, he was also annoyed that he’d allowed this to happen and wondered how he’d ended up with these remap problems” , he went on to explain “the previous remap tinkerer had totally fudged up the remap, pushing a generic file onto the ECU (after analysis we found the file that had been written was for a totally different engine code and model which created the remap problem for the customer!) we had to do a total rebuild of the ECU from scratch….” and added “ luckily for the customer we’re probably one of the only few remap engine tuning companies in the country who have the expertise to do this and what’s more we stood by our initial price quoted, even though our work was doubled…we felt it was important to go the extra mile for the customer without the extra cost, plus he’d already had enough problems for one week, it was now up to us to put the smile back on his face…we think he learnt his lesson ”, “ needless to say the customer was over the moon with the finished result and no more remap problems, he was also and very, very, thankful if somewhat a little embarrassed ”

Other remap problems are also common place he went on to say “ we have visited cars with the wrong map installed, we found a remap file for an Audi 1.9 tdi on a vehicle that should have had an Audi 2.0 tdi file, a Mercedes Benz SL55 amg with a remap file for a SL500, the list goes on, but one thing the customer probably wouldn’t find out about is the fact that we have had previously remapped vehicles in that have had the vehicle immobiliser codes erased! Which means anyone with a key could start your car” he added “we even had a BMW 330d which had been previously remapped by another company, the customer still had the flat spot in the rev range that he wanted removing in the first place, when we analysed his ECU we found no upgraded had been installed whatsoever even though he’d paid for one! Now that’s just a ridiculous exercise in maximising profit at any expense, this really annoys and angers us here at Remaps UK, and is potentially damaging what is inherently a great industry”

Remap Problems & Dangers – with great power comes lots of problems!

This story is becoming all too common, but what is being done to stop it? How can this be avoided in the first place, we asked Andy what the future of remap tuning was likely to be and what Remaps UK as a company were doing to bring back customer confidence. He said “ Good honest business, in short, we invest heavily into our equipment which allows us to produce and develop what we consider the highest quality remap engine tuning files available” he also added “through painstaking hours of testing we have come up with and un locked some of the most hard to tune vehicles out there in the industry, with fantastic results…improved economy, reduced carbon footprint and increased performance, these are all achievable with a reputable Remap Tuning company”, “ the key to good remap tuning is time invested and experience gained through rigorous testing anRemap Problemsd development, which all in all costs money, without the investment, we could not produce the high calibre remap files that we do” , ”with big advances in Engine management technology the new breed of remap tuning is becoming more and more intricate, you really need to know what you are doing, ask questions to see how far the Remap Engine tuners knowledge goes, what the tuners background is? How long have they been in the remap engine tuning industry? all really simple things, but rarely get asked once the customer has been offered the deal of a lifetime and more bhp than a Veyron! If the deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is” he added “ or course, ultimately the choice is down to the customer, you have the right to choose, just make sure it’s the right choice”

So what started out as an insight into the dark and gloomy world of Remap Engine tuning and remap problems,  looks set to be a brighter place, with the right company, if chosen carefully?

Andy went on to explain “ the benefits of remap tuning far out weigh the minority of budget end low grade remap tuners out there creating the majority of remap problems…” he continued by saying “with a high quality remap upgrade customers can expect increased throttle response, better fuel economy, reduced carbon emissions, better performance and smoother power delivery, just make sure you pick a company you are comfortable with and you will become a happy member of the remap tuned vehicle club and not the remap problems one!”

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1.6 tdi Remap For Audi VW Seat Skoda- First in the UK!

Remaps UK remaps the first Audi 1.6 TDi Remap !Audi A3 1.6 TDi Remap

Its been an interesting past couple of months over at the Remaps UK Development and technology suit as we have finally cracked the ECU on the VW Audi 1.6 TDi remap option.

We’ve been a bit quite on the blog recently, working away in the lab trying to figure out a solution for the VW Audi 1.6 tdi Remap options that don’t involve removing the vehicles ECU, allowing us to carry out the Audi 1.6 TDi remap through the OBD port. We are happy to say we can now remap the VW Skoda Audi 1.6 tdi remap through the port without the need to remove or touch the ECU!

The first vehicle to undergo the newly developed VW Audi 1.6 TDi remap was a new Audi A3 1.6 TDi S-line 105 remap.

The New VW Audi 1.6 TDi Remap through the OBD Port!

The new VW Audi 1.6 TDi remap engine ranges from 90 to 105bhp can now all be remapped through the on board diagnostic port, with improved bhp figures reaching 140bhp!!

This next breed of VW Audi 1.6 TDi engines has proved quite challenging to say the least, but the results were certainly worth the wait!! Mid range torque has been greatly improved after installing the new VW Audi 1.6 TDi remap upgrade, torque figures up by 70nm, and the BHP figures for the new VW Audi 1.6 TDi remap upgrade up by 35-40bhp!

We know there is still a lot more to give from this, the remarkable new Audi 1.6 TDi  engine and things are set to get better and better over time.

So what are you all waiting for! Skoda SEAT VW AUDI 1.6 TDi Remap available now!

We can now carry out upgrade to all VW Audi Skoda & Seat 1.6 TDi  engines , all of which are custom written with no generic files in site!!!

The first results and customer feedback will be back in soon, but results so far look absolutely fantastic.

We can already sense this is going to be one of the hottest VW Audi 1.6 tdi remaps available in 2012!

Call us now and find out about the new VW Audi 1.6 TDi remap options and upgrades and be among the first to unlock the VW Audi 1.6 tdi’s full potential!

Make an enquiry or Call us now on 0845 269 4064

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Audi 1.6 tdi remap through the OBD, VW 1.6 tdi remap, Skoda 1.6 tdi remap, Seat 1.6 TDi remap, Audi 1.6 TDi remap

New Remap Development for 2012

Remaps UK Development schedule

Audi V6 TDi

As many of you already know this is the time of year we get a chance to catch up with our development program, so just a

quick reminder that we will be closed from the 20th June for testing and development of all new 2012 vehicles. Although we are not officially ‘closed’, we will have a reduced response time due to new vehicle development and research, so by all means leave us a voice mail or send us enquiry as normal, we will get back in touch.

Back on July 9th

Normal service will resume from the 9Th July!

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