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About Us – Remaps UK – The Company you can trust

Remaps UK is at the heart of remap engine tuning.

Established in 2008 by Andy Percival Remaps UK is one of the leading BMW tuners in the UK. 2014 saw John Ford from JF Automotive accrue the company to expand their tuning across the UK as a growing tuning file developer. Remaps UK is a UK based company with a highly skilled and technically trained team who have a passion and drive to create and deliver the highest quality remap engine tuning options and customer service in the Remap tuning industry. In recent years the market has become flooded with low grade and unsafe remap tuners here in the UK, this here at Remaps UK we want to change.

We have invested heavily into and painstakingly developed cutting edge remap tuning methods, creating the highest quality Remap Files, and now boast one of the only companies to ever have a £2 million Aviva backed insurance for all our remap files! Remaps UK is now Leading the way in Remap Engine Tuning and setting new high standards in the Remap Tuning industry, we use the latest state of the art tuning equipment and the latest in software development, we have the UK’s leading ECU Engine tuning remap programming tools to provide a safe, reliable, well designed and thoroughly tested product.

Remap Choice – Price over Product?

Do not be misled by inferior products in a box or generic untested off the peg remap files which are becoming all to common in the Remap engine tuning industry. Here at Remaps UK our systems and Remap files are used by professionals, race teams and manufacturers alike. Trust us to deliver the highest quality remap upgrade available!

Our UK Based team consists of Europe’s leading Engine remap programming specialists to bespoke your own personal map, giving you an infinite choice in engine tuning options. Whether you require economy, performance or race we can custom develop a remap tune that suites. From super cars to commercial vehicles, to trucks and motor-homes, all are covered. If it has an engine, we can tune it!Our team of Highly qualified mobile engine remap tuning engineers will come to you and deliver the best quality warranted ECU remaps available!

Remap Experience

With over 20 years experience in the motor industry our highly trained team can provide what we consider to be the best solution to increase economy, performance or both.

We are passionate about the cars we tune and we are sure that this will be something you will share with us. Based in the heart of Cheshire we provide tuning options to suit specific customer requirements, or we can provide the best custom tuning solution for you.

Remaps UK  – The engine tuning experts – call 0845 269 4064